Data Farming


An integration of six disciplines that, together, optimize the utility, insight, timeliness, and decision-support of modeling and simulation aimed at answering “What If...?” questions.

  1. Rapid Model Prototyping

  2. Distillation Modeling

  3. Design of Experiments

  4. High Performance Computing

  5. Data Analysis and Visualization

  6. Collaborative Processes

Data Farming allows for the understanding of huge landscapes of possibilities and the discovery of outliers.

The mission of the data farming community is to collaboratively explore the vast space of possibilities inherent in the questions that our decision makers face in today’s uncertain world.

The proceedings from International What-if? Workshop 31 and 32, held in Tarttilla, Finland and Reston, Virginia, are available for download here (Proceedings 19) here (Proceedings 20).


Data Farming Is...

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